Business Application for the Palm

Business Applications for Palm

Free palm pilot downloads for
evaluation. Directory includes popular palm business
applications for every day use.

Is designed to help electrical professionals with
the estimating/bidding process, letting an estimator
create a take-off estimate in, generally, at least
a third of the usual time.


Your wallet contains your most personal and valuable
possessions–identification, cash, checks, credit
cards, and even photos of friends and family. And
now you can hold it all in your Palm™ handheld with
PDA Wallet, a collection of four indispensable virtual
wallet applications bundled together for one low


allows you to carry lists, forms and databases on
your handheld. It comes with many useful SmartList
samples, to help you manage your inventory, home
budget, stocks, store CD collections and much more.
Plus, you can build your own customized SmartLists
and even synchronize with Microsoft(r) Access


Pro allows you to launch, access, organize, copy
and move files and folders. FilePoint(tm) Pro provides
seamless file management for your PDA, Expansion
Card & Desktop.


best selling English dictionary for Palm and Pocket
PC, DictionaryToGo is an innovative and incredible
electronic dictionary for handheld users who are
“”on-the-go,”” DictionaryToGo features an enormous
maximum of 150,000 English headwords.


Have a lot of numbers to keep up with? Charge cards,
web sites, insurance policies? When you buy a new
product, do you store away in a drawer the paperwork
with the serial number and repair phone numbers,
then forget where you put them? Keep it all in one
place, right in your pocket with LifeNumbers.


Print, Clipboard and Modem access with your Palm
Device using only a Serial (RS-232) HotSync® Cradle!

palm freeware
Tracking System

turn your Palm into multipurpose logging tool. UTS
tracks any measurable value: money, weight, calories,
medical tests, time. Reports. Charts. Export to
Excel and CSV.

free palm pilot downloads

FlyZip XR is very fast and easy to use compressing
and decompressing utility, operating right on Your
Palm. With FlyZip XR, You can double the amount
of data stored on Your Palm, without modifying your


Essential virus defense for your Palm OS handheld
device based on the world’s most trusted anti-virus

to Go

allows you to use your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
files on your handheld anywhere, anytime. In addition,
it now synchronizes e-mail with attachments, PDF
files, pictures and Excel-like charts.


Use the picture as the password! Unlock your Palm
with a single tap – no password entering! Secure
your data locking your Palm every time you power
it off!

With NoviiRemote, control all of your home entertainment
equipment – TV, Cable/Sat, DVD/CD, VCR, etc. A superior
interface, vibrant colors, easy installation and
setup, better infrared drivers, and many other improvements
have made this the favorite remote program on the