Health and Fitness Software for Palm Pilots

Health & Fitness Software for Palm

Free palm downloads for health
and fitness buffs.

Fitness Palm Software
– Create a personalized
fitness and nutrition plan using PC software you
download to the handheld Fitness Planner, track
your calorie input and exercise output, view nutritional
breakout of food items, check running or walking
mileage on the integrated pedometer and get instant
feedback on your progress with detailed reports
and graphs.

Glucose Converter
– gives you the ability to
look at your blood glucose readings using different
units of measurement. The US standard is milligrams
per deciliter (mg/dL) and the European standard
is millimoles per Liter (mmol/L). Convert your measurement
to another.

– integrated collection of fitness calculators.
Check your body fat percentage, see how many calories
you burn in an activity, test your flexibility and
aerobic fitness, see how much weight you should
be able to lift and what your optimal heart rate
should be during exercise. One tool, all the calculations

– a simple yet complete Pet Maintenance Program
Includes : Pet Listing – listing of your pet and
detailed info shots etc.. Pet Vet Care Listing –
listing of visits for each pet, a place to put detailed
Note on Vet Visits.

Calorie Counter
– You shouldn’t spend more time
recording your diet and exercise information, than
you actually spend doing it.” With the UltimateCalorieMeter
you receive the benefits of tracking your nutritional
intake of eight food values, setting weight goals
and finding how many overall calories you can consume
to lose weight so that you can better manage your
diet and fitness program