Industry specific and vertical market software for the Palm

Industry Specific Palm Software

Industry specific palm software
includes palm medical software, palm farm software,
palm real estate software, palm public safety software
and more…

Medical Software


an innovative mobile healthcare productivity suite.
Customizable Clinical Templates, Digital Photo Capture,
Medical Formula Calculator, Medical Databases (Microbiology,
Herbal, and Pharmacy databases), English-Spanish
Translator, and Infrared Beaming and Prescription/Documentation

Farm Software

free palm software

Powerful helper for farmers with a lot of equipment
to maintain. Includes both Palm OS Handheld and
Windows Desktop versions* to keep track of all the
maintenance and repair data on your.


As you design sprinkler systems, HydroCalc lets
you eliminate many hours of work consulting books
and tables then doing the calculations yourself.

Construction Software

Paint & Construction Estimator

Avoid time-consuming, pencil-pushing job estimates.
Designed by contractors for contractors! Quickly
and accurately estimate your job on paint, stucco,
roofs, insulation, plumbing, walls, electrical,
decks and more.

Real Estate Software

home buying guide
Home Buying Guide
– Generate more web site leads
with a customized version of PDA Home Buying Guide.
You can give useful and targeted software to your
web site visitors for free. This unique product
installs on the users’ PDAs and helps them with
their home search.

broker software
– consists of six programs to help you do general
tasks, such as, appraisals, calculate acreage, calculate
expiration dates, sellers net, buyers cost and commissions.

loan qualifying software
– allows you to enter specific loan parameters for
any loan type. You can also enter multiple qualifications
for multiple clients and save them for future comparison.
All on your PDA without having to buy and/or carry
around another calculator. REQualify also allows
you to analyze various loan types (FHA, VA, Conventional,

Public Safety Software

Cal (Palm)
– The shift calendar data appears
in your Date Book alongside any other appointments
you have created. You can choose to display just
one shift or your choice of multiple shifts.

translation software

– EMS Translator is designed to help you in this
situation. It contains a list of basic phrases that
a first responder commonly uses, with the English
and foreign language version. You can read this
to the patient, or have them read it from the screen

medical software
Med Software
– The Guide to Handheld and Palmtop
Computing Resources for Health Care Professionals.

– BioChem 1stRespondER ™ is designed to help
healthcare professionials deal with chemical and
biological warfare attacks.

fire software

Flash (for PDA)
– Flash-card type program with
over 600 questions to study the Firefighter’s Handbook
from Delmar publishers (#1900). You may add, delete,
and edit any of the questions to reflect local protocol


Pressure Gauge (Palm)
– calculate flow rate,
friction loss, pump pressure, and more in seconds.
Now you can know in advance whether your hose lay
will work as designed, before you waste precious
time finding out the hard way. You can plan out
your prescribed burns with greater accuracy, saving
time and resources.