Palm Games for Free Download and Evaluation

Palm Games

Palm games for free available for
download and evaluation.
Contains a variety of
Free palm games and free palm pilot games

Solitaire Pack

Five most popular solitaires (Freecell, Klondike,
Spider, Forty Thieves and Yukon) and adapted them
for the small screen and limited computing power
of handhelds.

Extreme Games

Purchase ES Extreme Games Pack and you get Air Hockey
3D, Includes Standard & Hi Res Versions Agent Z
2 Aardvark Antics Heli Rescue Snowboard Bob Slide-Em
Agent Z Super Duck 3D Monkey Business Rapid Racer
Space Pirate

palm games for free

Play the world’s favorite trivia game anytime, anywhere!
Trivial Pursuit for Windows« CE has 2,000 questions
and answers.

palm games for free

calculates geometric figures such as spheres, triangles,
cones, trapezoids, circles and cylinders. Also,
it has an application in engineering to calculate
the flow and geometry in an open trapezoid channel.
You can calculate the area, volume or perimeter

palm free software

With this software, you can download a new game
every day, return to old games, and zoom in for
a better look.

free palm games
Hearts & Spakes

two of the most universally played card games. Able
to accommodate both multi-player or auto-play modes,
you can play with 3 other computer players. Enhance
your playing skills with the accompanying help feature
and tips on how to win.

free palm pilot games
Las Vegas Casino

provides you with endless play roulette, blackjack,
craps, video poker, and slots. You can play on color
and monochrome Palm OS(r) handheld devices.


It showcases the ability to auction properties,
buy/sell houses and hotels, mortgage/unmortgage
properties and even set up complex trades with other
players. The computer plays the role of the “Banker”
so it automatically, accurately, and completely
scores every player, every play and every game.

free palm games

Tempt fate with SimCity(tm), Zap!2016, Blackjack,
NineBall, Vegas Slots, Klondike Solitaire, Bubblet
and the ChromaPack of Chess, Checkers & Backgammon.

gives statistics for the 50 states in the United
States. Information such as state name, capital
name, state population, admission to the statehood,
land and water area, state flag etc…

of the Hero

The sequel of the popular Quest of the Hero game
is finally released! The game is a mix of turn-based
Heroes of Might and Magic kind strategy and RPG.
There are lots of improvements and additional features
in the game engine.


kill all the viruses before they reach the top.
You must stack the pills in the same color in order
to kill the virus. Each level adds more viruses.

free palm pilot downloads

a classic game with lots of bonuses and exciting
levels, that surely involves you.

Now play Scrabble anytime, anywhere! Choose your
tiles, shuffle your letters, and get ready for the
most brilliant, brain-teasing word game ever. Play
against Maven, the computer champion, for challenging
solo play, or play with human opponents.

Just pull the handle and spin the reels. Match the
card and reel numbers for points. Fill in a row
across, down or diagonally to make a “Slingo!” Spin
to win!

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Solitaire is the perfect game to play on the most
personal of computing devices. Your Palm OS(r) device
can endlessly entertain in color or monochrome play.

fire software

– Test of skills as the incident commander
at a strip-mall fire. At each play, and with each
scenario, you are challenged to deploy your resources
and make decisions about the incident as it is randomly
generated by the game.

– turn based game which requires logic judgement
and in advance conceived strategy. This amusing
game offers challenge of heartless fight between
brave Joe and little evil monsters. That can only
end by winning of wiser.


MakeFaces was designed to allow children to have
fun making faces on your PDA. It’s a handy way of
keeping them entertained at restaurants, visits
to the Doctor, trips in the car, just about anywhere.
Children click eyes, ears nose, mouth, hair styles,
etc. to create funny faces. There are 32,768 face
combinations that can be created.