Security software for Palms

Security for Palms

Security applications for Palm
pilots. Protect sensitive data with palm software.

protects your sensitive data such as passwords,
secret keys, account numbers, logins, or anything
sensitive that you want to keep secured. You choose
a password to access your data, all of which are
securely encrypted with a multipass encryption scheme.


a secure and powerful account manager for your Palm
and your PC. Use it to store passwords, credit card
numbers, or anything else you can think of!


Secure, encrypt and password protect your data and
applications, including data Wipe and much more.

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implements the industry standard AES 256 bits encryption
algorithm and SHA1 hashing technologies. Application
databases are encrypted and decrypted transparently
without any user intervention. The PalmOS® handheld
is locked until the correct passphrase is entered
before the handheld is unlocked.

palm software
for Palm

a simple yet effective program which Keeps Track
of all Password in a single Place. Maintain all
of your passwords in meaningful groups which you
control! Store work, Personal, Banking, Stock passwords
in one secure place in your palm. Also, store memos
with each entry for additional information.